Professional videography, photography, and music production.


Who Are You Guys?

Phive Media is a collection of talented friends who share the same interests in multimedia production. We each fit a different facet of the company with our roles having polarity but also some overlap in regards to our skill sets. We’re also more than eager to collaborate on any project together, I mean we would be hanging out anyhow right?

With the strength of multiple roles within one multimedia house, we are able to produce high quality media effectively and efficiently. Sounds businessy doesn’t it?… We agree. Basically that traverses into us being able to provide you an amazing end product and awesome service throughout the experience for a far less expensive price tag than a larger design house would have likely produced. But don’t let our size fool you. Phive Media has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, as well other television and radio channels, and we aren’t confined to just entertainment. We are just as happy to facilitate a photo shoot for you and your family on a Sunday afternoon.

Basically we’re pretty down to Earth, but we’re about business. If we had a mission fragment, it would resemble something like this:

“We believe in working for what you love to do, and this is it for us. Let us take care of your multimedia needs. We’ll even have fun doing it!”


Now to Meet Our Team!


Jared Scuillo
Jared S.
World reknowned music producer
“J Fresh” facilitates all music production, beat creation, sound mastering, industry consulting and general studio wizardy. Has last been seen carrying a 5D, a boom mic, and wearing a sombrero.
Joel Baxter. Skills include but are not limited to: Web design & application developer, sound engineer and accomplice in audio and video production.
Joel B.
A successful serial entrepreneur, music producer and song writer; Web designer and application developer. Was last spotted exiting a Las Vegas casino with two dozen suit cases, three exotic animals, four cellphones, and a treasure chest.
Joel Baxter. Skills include but are not limited to: Web design & application developer, sound engineer and accomplice in audio and video production.
Bobby T.
Photographer, videographer, and chief king master editor.
An allegedly musically gifted, accomplished song writer.
Claims he can skateboard.
Was last seen lifting a school bus full of children, one handed.

Jenny Sciullo.  With a penchant for perfect and an eye for seduction, logos and graphic design is her forte.  Jenny has last been seen with a Wacom tablet screaming profanities.
Jenny S.
Logo exploration and graphic design is her forte, but with a passionate penchant for perfection and a vivacious voice for seduction, Kei$ha should be aware.
Jenny was last seen with a Wacom tablet screaming lullabies.
Justin S. Celebrity DJ (
Justin S.
Celebrity DJ “KO”, has performed at some of the world’s hottest clubs and venues. A world famous music producer and party crasher as well, KO was last seen running with a bottle of Cliquot, two models, and a stack of records.

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